© 1 Château pour 1 Artiste 2012 / Isis Bi au Château Beauregard
© 1 Château pour 1 Artiste 2012 / Isis Bi au Château Beauregard

We are in the gardens in Barcelona, the woods at Milly-la-forêt, on a bench in the Place Beaubourg, in a universe of circles, downstrokes, upstrokes, where the artist works on material, colour, shape to feed the imagination, where Isis Bi lives, creates and invites us in, to offer us this great compendium of images where words have no place.

To see a sculpture, a drawing, a canvas by Isis is to return to our childhood where, with nothing at all, with a piece of wood, a tube of paint, we could amuse ourselves, with strange shapes, with this fried egg yolk that forms the eye of a Cyclops, with this pebble rolled around by the sea, picked up by chance and which is still and will always be sitting there on our desk. 

What is it about this pebble that we are unable to let it go?

Here, we are in a non-verbal universe; the flesh of the substance, the caress of the curve, the circular line, the stain – even this strong coloured stain – calms us, brings us rest and calls out to us. 

There are many derivations here: Niki de Saint Phalle, Míro, Gaudí, Klee, Kandinsky…

weaving this spirographic web: each knot is merely an optical illusion, each work is an approach to the world. Isis’ work is not there to represent, to denounce, to symbolise, to explain… No! Her art is an open door, outside the frame and beyond the walls and her role is to bring us out of our mundane everyday existence.