Château DE ROUILLAC // Claire DUFAU

« Prussian blue, burnt Sienna, ultramarine and indigo, hot pink, red madder and Mars black, the magic can begin… Every canvas tells its own story, and yet each time someone looks into it they invent another one. Everyone can find their own poetry and their chance to dream ».

My workshop is a kitchen where pigments, inks, papers and painting, binder, sand and coffee are simmering gently together. On canvas or on paper, the materials react together, and it’s always full of surprises for me. Experimentation is a continuous game. The final result – when it’s a surprise for me – nourishes my creativity, drawing me into worlds that are being constantly renewed.
A meeting, a change of season or an atmosphere can all spark my inspiration. I arrange the colours on my palette with an idea in my head, but taking care to give my brushes a touch of freedom and letting chance find its place on the canvas.
« Cairns*, montjoies et autres amas  » ( » Cairns*, montjoies and other heaps ») was born from the steps of the walker who marks the path by leaving a trace of his passage. In this new series, mounds of coloured fragments are piled on the canvas, overlaid with strangely shaped pebbles mixed with gathered fruit, moonstones and keepsakes.

*Cairn – n.m (also: « montjoie » in French): Small pile of stones to mark out paths or as a memorial of an important event. Pile formed gradually as walkers place stones to leave a trace of their journey and to mark the way for others to follow…