Château FONREAUD // Estelle SERE

The world of Estelle Séré. Like a day without end
What I like above all else in Estelle Séré’s work is the idea that I had when I first came across it, that of work without end… like one day and it’s always the same day that begins again, but which is in fact never exactly the same…

It’s probably the absence of scale that creates this feeling, but I’m not sure. It’s a force, like her smile that disappears down into her turtleneck sweater. The words she paints on her canvases remind me of neon lighting high up on sky-scrapers or of noodles immersed in children’s soup.
An immense pictorial universe for the ant yet a tiny one for the giraffe, composed of softness and earnestness, mysterious abstraction, sleek representation, codes with no solution; not complicated to decipher, nor easy to grasp without going right to day’s end to see the sun returning. Universe of rare intelligence in the way that figures, words, colour, elements and shades are combined to thrill the imagination.
A world that resembles Estelle, this mysterious, hardworking and generous young woman, a world into which we are invited to plunge for an endless voyage, an ever-changing destination that we call: painting.
Text by Christophe Massé