Château GUADET // Myriam RUEFF

© 1 Château pour 1 Artiste 2012 / Myriam Rueff au Château Guadet
© 1 Château pour 1 Artiste 2012 / Myriam Rueff au Château Guadet

It is difficult to say exactly what materials the work of Myriam Rueff is made of: is it wood, recycled objects? Are they really made of metal, as their appearance would suggest?
Whatever the answer may be, it seems clear that a search for uncertain origins is the main preoccupation of this artist, who creates sculptures portraying unfinished beings, showing the visitor a world of shapes of an original simplicity.

These are small beings with a primal beauty, disconcerting yet fascinating. They are always vertical. Always humanoid. Their bodies are wiry and paradoxically short, positioned ready for work, for struggle, for love, for dancing … ; balancing on endless legs and feet that are huge and heavy.

Their slender fingers are spread as if in irritation at a conversation or in a shared gesture. They stretch out their rough faces, with their mobile and expressive features, in a gesture of hope, undoubtedly, and always with dynamism. Or on the other hand, they may tense their bodies towards a single point where a strange osmosis brings them together, when a wild saraband dance draws them in.
Myriam Rueff‘s creatures are from no place and from no time; they are simply « there », metaphors for lives that can only exist through her innate sense of movement; by the combination of the ephemeral and the durable that she brings about, by the total unity between creation and imagination, bringing a timeless message of a poetry so powerful that the spectator’s emotions are in perfect harmony with those of the sculptor.
Jeanine RIVAIS